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English Medium Degrees in Russia

Most of our courses are in Russian as Russian system of education is original and the literature is also unique.  The State as well as the institutions are proud of it, possessive about it and would like to preserve that. Thousand of international students come every year to take up these courses.

Additional knowledge of the spoken language of the globe’s biggest landmass and one of the biggest economies of the world also does not hurt.

There are several courses in English, too.


  1. MBBS
  2. Veterinary
  3. Dentistry
  4. Bachelors in Computer Engineering (Informatics and Computer Engineering)
  5. Bachelors in Information Technology
  6. Bachelor in Management
  7. Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  8. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
  9. Bachelor in Banking and Finance
  10. Bachelor in Economics
  11. Bachelor in Economics and Finance
  12. Bachelor in Economics and Management
  13. Bachelor in Accounting and Finance
  14. Bachelor in Mathematics and Economics
  15. Bachelor in Management in the Creative Arts


  2. Dual Degree MIB (Masters in international Business) (Russian + French or Russian + Austrian or Russian + Finnish )
  3. Masters in Information Technologies and Innovation Management
  4. Masters in Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems
  5. Dual Degree Masters in Information Science and Computer engineering (Russian + UK)
  6. Masters in Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical systems
  7. Masters in International Relations (World politics: political processes and international security)
  8. Masters in International Relations (International Relations)
  9. Masters in International Affairs (Governance and Global Affairs)
  10. Masters in Political Science (Politics and Economics in Eurasia)
  11. Masters in Cultural Studies (Russian Culture and Arts: Traditions and Modernity)
  12. International Business: Russia-Europe (18 weeks) – only group of 6 or more
  13. Advanced Information Technologies for Enterprises (18 weeks)
  14. Doing Business in Russia (4 weeks) – only group of 6 or more
  15. Master of Science in International Management
  16. Master of Public Administration
  17. Master in Global Finance
  18. Master in Project Management
  19. Master in Change Management
  20. Master in Corporate Finance
  21. The Real Estate Economics in agroindustrial Complex
  22. Agronomy (Plant protection)
  23. Master in Ecology & Environmental Management (Economics of Natural Resource Management)
  24. Master in Ecological (Environmental) Biotechnology
  25. Management in international marketing
  26. Offshore field development technologies
  27. Petroleum economics and management
  28. Reservoir geoscience and engineering
  29. Technologies of oil and gas fields development (Petroleum Engineering)
  30. Power Saving Technologies for gas Transporting Systems (Oil & Gas Faculty)
  31. Innovations in business creation and management
  32. Chemistry of the Environment
  33. Masters in Civil Engineering
  34. Masters in Aeronautics
  35. Masters in Electrical Engineering (High-Voltage Physics and Engineering)
  36. Masters in Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Electronic Devices and Facilities)
  37. Masters in Material Science (Material production, Processing and Treatment)
  38. Masters in Material Science (Non-Destructive Testing Devices and Techniques)
  39. Masters in Informatics and Computer Science (Networks and Communications)
  40. International Trading System (Economics)
  41. Russia in the Global Economy (Economics)
  42. Master of Art in Journalism
  43. Masters in Quantum Phyisc for Advanced Materials Engineering
  44. Masters in Multicomponent Nanostructured coatings. Nanofilms
  45. Masters in Advanced Materials Science
  46. Masters in Advanced Metallic Materials and Engineering
  47. Masters in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Automatic Control
  48. Master in Financial Economics
  49. Master in International Business
  50. Master in Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation
  51. Master in Global Business
  52. Master in Russia in System and Software Engineering
  53. Master in Big Data Systems
  54. Master in Politics & Economics
  55. Master in Governance & Global Affairs
  56. Master in International Business
  57. Master in Project Management
  58. Master in Politics, Economics and Philosophy
  59. Master in Political Analysis and Public Policy

PhD programs in English

  1. DBA
  2. Doctorate in World Economy
  3. PhD in Theoretical physics
  4. PhD in Ecology
  5. PhD in Plant Protection
  6. PhD in World Economics
  7. PhD in Journalism
  8. PhD in International Law. European Law
  9. PhD in Political problems of international relations and global development
  10. PhD in General and Regional geology
  11. Physical and Mathematical Sciences
    • Geometry and Topology
    • Mechanics of Deformable Solids
    • Mechanics of Fluids and Plasma
    • Dynamics and Durability of Machinery
    • Tools and Methods of Experimental Physics
    • Theoretical Physics
    • Physical Electronics
    • Physics of Condensed Matter
    • Plasma Physics
    • Semiconductor Physics
    • Thermal Physics and Theoretical Combustion Engineering
    • Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
    • Chemical Physics, Combustion and Explosion, Physics of the Critical State of Matter
    • Crystallography and Crystal Physics
    • Physics of Charged Particle Beams and Accelerating Equipment
  12. Chemical Sciences
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Physical chemistry
  13. Biological Sciences
    • Ecology (chemical, energy, building)
  14. Engineering Sciences
    • Engineering Science, Drive Systems and Machine Elements
    • Physicotechnical Treatment and Machining Technology and Equipment
    • Welding, Related Processes and Technologies
    • Methods of Control and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering
    • Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
    • Standardization and Product Quality Control
    • Electromechanics and Electric Devices
    • Electrotechnical Materials and Products
    • Electrical Engineering Systems
    • Lighting Engineering and Light Sources
    • Power Electronics
    • Measuring Devices and Methods (measuring of electric and magnetic quantities)
    • Navigation Devices
    • Testing Devices and Methods of Natural Environment, Substances, Materials and Products
    • Metrology and Metrological Assurance
    • Medical Devices, Systems and Products
    • Systems Analysis, Data Management and Processing
    • Computing Hardware and Control Systems
    • Engineering and Production Automation and Control (in heat and power engineering)
    • Mathematical Software for Computing Machines, Computer Systems and Networks
    • Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Computing and Software Systems
    • Information Security Products and Systems
    • Electric Power Plants and Electric Systems
    • Design, Operation and Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
    • Industrial Heat and Power Engineering
    • High Voltage Engineering
    • Thermal Power Plants, Grids and Generating Units
    • Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys
    • Powder Metallurgy and Composites
    • Rare, Scattered and Radioactive Elements Technology
    • Organic Matter Technology
    • Engineering of Chemical Fuels and High-Energy Materials
    • Processes and Devices of Chemical Engineering
    • Silicate and Refractory Non-Metal Materials Technology
    • Fire and Industrial Safety (power, mining, oil and gas, chemical, mechnical engineering, woodworking, transport)
  15. Economics
    • Economics
    • Economics and National Economics Management (including economics, industrial engineering and management, regional economy, management, innovation management, wildlife management economics, land management)
  16. Philosophic Sciences
    • Ontology and Epistemology
    • Social Philosophy
  17. Philological Sciences
    • Russian Literature
    • Russian Language
  18. Pedagogic Sciences
    • Theory and Methodology of Teaching and Training (professional level, foreign languages)
    • Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Sports and Fitness Training
    • Theory and Methodology of Professional Education
  19. Art History
    • Industrial Design
  20. Geosciences
    • General and Regional Geology
    • Petrology, Volcanology
    • Mineralogy, Crystallography
    • Groundwater Hydrology
    • Engineering Geology, Geocryology, Pedology
    • Geochemistry, Geochemical Methods of Exploration
    • Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Exploration
    • Geology and Exploration of Solid Minerals, Minerageny
    • Geology and Exploration of Oil-and-Gas Fields
    • Exploration, Engineering and Technology
    • Drilling Technology and Well Completion
    • Applied Mining and Reservoir Geology, Geophysics, Mine Survey and Mineral Resource Geometry
    • Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation
    • Land Management, Cadastre and Monitoring
    • Environmental Geology