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Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg

Why to study in Russia?

Here are the resons why to chose Russia for education:


  1. With over 40 percent of its territory covered by greenery, Moscow is one of the greenest capitals and major cities in Europe and the world.
  2. Moscow is one of the largest science centers in Russia. The headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences are located in Moscow as well as numerous research and applied science institutions. The Kurchatov Institute, Russia's leading research and development institution in the fields of nuclear energy, the first nuclear reactor in Europe, was built here.
  3. Moscow is the undisputed financial center of Russia and home to the country's largest banks and many of its largest companies.

St. Petersburg:

  1. St. Petersburg is an European city and regarded as the Northern Venice or Window to Europe. It is Russia's most European city.
  2. St. Petersburg is the official Education, Research and Cultural center of Russia thus decreed by the President of the Russian Federation in 2009.
  3. It is Russia's IT base. St. Petersburg, Russia is a dynamic place to develop as a creative IT Engineer with leading world companies like ABBYY, Akella , Kaspersky, Yandex, etc. having its research base here.
  4. It is Russia's Pharmacy base.
  5. It is Russia's Marine engineering base.

And whole Russia, because:

  1. No prior knowledge of Russian language is required. Russian language is pretty easy and we have thousands of Asian, African and Arabic students studying it every year. One -two years Russian Preparatory courses are available for all new incoming students.
  2. Visa guarantee is almost 100% with NO bank balance required, NO interviews , NO huge delays and NO entrance exams due Russian government's policies towards education
  3. Subsidized transport cards are available for students. They can ride in buses, trams, trolley bus, train, underground railway, domestic air travel etc. at 70% discounted fares.
  4. Russia has a 100% literacy rate.
  5. 1/4 of scientific journals are printed in Russian.
  6. Russia continues to play a central role in global politics, and there are a wide variety of career opportunities in both governmental and non-governmental organizations for people studying Russian language. Russian is one of the six official and working languages of the UN (United Nations). Russian arms, equipment, oil and gas technology are bought by government of India, China, Malaysia, Tunisia, Morocco, Vietnam, etc. and knowledge of Russian language gets special preference in government jobs in these countries. Transnational Corporation (TNC) and Multinational Corporations (MNC) like GE, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Google, Mitsubishi, GM, Toyota, Nestlé etc.) pay more for employees with language expertise when those employees are posted abroad.
  7. US Congressional GAO reports 29% of all State Dept. jobs require such language expertise. Federal jobs pay 5-15% more for language expertise. 70% of all US Dept. of Commerce Foreign Service Officer Positions in Russian are budgeted, but not filled due to lack of qualified applicants! US Military are eager to recruit linguists! Sample Federal Employers include: NASA, FBI, Coast Guard, USAID, Energy Dept., NSA/CIA, Commerce Dept., Dept. of Defense, International Trade Commission, and US Dept. of State.
  8. Over 20 countries have Russian as their official language. The State of New York in the United States has Russian as it's official language.
  9. Russian language is an added advantage when applying for MBA or Executive MBA in Top Business schools of US, Russia and Europe.
  10. In this era of Globalization, the Russian market with more population than France and Germany combined plays a very important role. Scores of international businesses are making their base here in Russia. Every International company who are big regards Russia as a market of strategic importance.
  11. Russia is Europe's biggest trading partner. More than half of European houses are warmed by Russian gas. So, it's an asset in any international job.